"Durwin has been a serious student of my work for over seven years, has dialogued with me on many occasions, and has published several professional articles applying my integral approach to counselling and psychotherapy. But beyond knowing the theory very well, Durwin is a competent, dedicated, insightful and compassionate counsellor. In choosing to work with Durwin, you can be confident that you are choosing a path towards feeling better."
Ken Wilber, Author of Integral Psychology, and Founder of Integral Institute.

"I’ve been working with Durwin Foster for more than 6 months and found his warm and insightful style to be very helpful in dealing with personal anxiety. He has been supportive, yet challenges me to probe for both causes and solutions."
DL, a male client seeking help with anxiety

"I feel great, and ready to face life again."

"Just the little things help me out the most like the breathing and just thinking things out."

"Incredibly helpful and sincere."