Men & Depression

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It doesn't have to be this way...

Have your sleeping or eating patterns changed? Are you feeling tired or unmotivated much of the time? Are you worried about under-performing at work? Are you more irritable at home with the people you used to enjoy so much?

It’s Not About You, It’s About Depression!

Depression is a condition that is likely treatable through a specific therapeutic approach called ”MAC“ or Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

Unlike drugs, MAC therapy has no side effects. And MAC out-performs the standard psychological treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, in two specific ways:

  1. Where cognitive-behavioral therapy suggests changes to what you do, the MAC approach goes further in helping you align your behaviors with what you need the most. From the science of motivation, we know that once your basic security needs are met, you need affection from those you care about, esteem from your accomplishments at work, and fun in the form of recreation and sex. (Yes, I said it. You need sex). Cognitive-behavioral therapy has no science of needs, whereas MAC specifically includes this knowledge and provides specific techniques to help you identify and get your needs met while also clarifying your values commitments.
  2. Where cognitive-behavioral therapy merely suggests changes to what you think, the MAC approach goes deeper by giving you the tools to address how you think. And where cognitive-behavioral therapy addresses only content, MAC addresses both context and the thinking process itself -- increasing your power and options in overcoming depression.
You owe it to yourself to see if this innovative approach can be the difference that makes a real difference for you.  Call me at 604-440-1968 for a free phone consultation to see whether or not my approach is a good fit for you.