Some Testimonials About my Work

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Here is a sample of testimonials I have received from past clients.  I achieved a 90% plus client satisfaction rate during my five years work as an Employee Assistance Counsellor.

  • good service!
  • The counsellor I saw made the EAP program work for me.
  • I will always use your service when needed.
  • Durwin is an excellent counsellor.
  • Quite helpful to clarify thinking.
  • Very helpful.
  • Really great service. I learned a lot and grew as a person.
  • Thank you for taking the extra steps to connect with me.
  • My EAP was extremely helpful in providing me with the tools I need to assist me with my problem.
  • My provider recommended books, pamphlets + avenues to explore to spend our time together. Very helpful + the right info.
  • Tt was a very useful learning experience that resulted in happier more balanced productive outlook.
  • I’m grateful that this service is available.


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